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Discover the most prestigious product of Sparta; 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from Olive's House - Traditional Olive Oil Mill.

The olive oil region of Northern Sparta (local community of Pellana) is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Peloponnese. Behind all of its dazzling nature and under the gaze of Mountain Taygetus, there is an olive oil culture that has been developed for more than two thousand years. This has led to the creation of one of the best olive oils in the world, the Laconian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

One of the olive oil extraction facilities responsible for maintaining the traditional Laconain method of producing unique and authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oils is Olive's HouseIn addition to all its cultural wealth, the  Olive Oil Mill of Olive's House is very close to Ancient Sparta, the land of King Leonidas, Lykourgos the Lawgiver and Palaeologus the Byzantine Emperor of Mystras.

Taste the unique quality of Laconian Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the Olive's House - Traditional Olive Oil Mill; 
An Unforgettable experience.

We offer visitors the opportunity to visit the one and only genuine Traditional Olive Oil Mill in Laconia. Here, olive oil is still produced with millstones, hydraulic presses and cold water. You can sample this extra virgin olive oil. 

 The traditional facility offers an exhibition space where visitors can sample the olive oil, and other regional delicacies and products.The experience lasts about six hours. This includes a guided tour at the olive-groves and olive mill, a tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and local traditional delicacies such as salmon and trout from the freshwaters of Evrota's River, cheese, honey, siglino (sliced smoked pork), fresh olive paste, home-made wines and tsipouro. The olive oil mill is located approximately 2 hours from Athens.

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